Let’sclarify one thing: if you are the type of person for whom one pastry bar equals the other, you’re wasting your time.
If you would like to taste true handmade ice-cream, come and pay us a visit.
You will be happy to find out that ice-cream without chemical thickeners and artificial emulsifiers still exists.
Without preservatives with mysterious acronyms, without tricks or cheating.
Where the colours are those of fruit ripened in the sun, and the smoothness of the cream is conquered
with slow creaming and a lot of patience. Where sweetness has the scent of sugar cane
and honey from Sardinia, and the smoothness of aromas is the result of a happy alchemy between natural and genuine ingredients.
And where an explosion of fruit flavours can still amaze you, even if you are no longer a child.
So, what is your flavour? Fruit or cream?